Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Science &

National & Global Security

Research activities to support the Government of Canada’s national and international commitments and objectives in the areas of nuclear security, non-proliferation and counter-terrorism.

Federal priorities, commitments and goals

Overarching federal priorities and goals related to this theme area include:

  • Improve Canadian global leadership in S&T development to support nuclear non-proliferation, security and counter-terrorism objectives as part of Canada’s broader aim to advance its security interests around the world;
  • Support Canada’s international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and its interests in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty and the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament;
  • Improve cyber security and protect our nuclear critical infrastructure from cyber-threats; and
  • Provide the necessary tools, technologies and expertise to assist in ensuring non-proliferation policies are respected to allow trade and to promote Canadian expertise.

Scope of Work

The scope of work in this theme area to address the federal priorities include:

Science and technologies to monitor, track and characterize illicit (illegal) nuclear materials

  • Provide technical support and capabilities for testing detection and sensing techniques and technologies on radioactive and nuclear materials, including special nuclear materials;
  • Provide detection and identification tools to intercept fentanyl and other substances; and
  • Provide technical assistance and develop technologies in support of harmonized cargo screening methods that expedite the movement of secure cargo by enhancing the detection of illicit and legitimate radiological/nuclear materials within domestic and international supply chain.

Implementation of technologies and methods related to nuclear safeguards, verification, and security

  • Providing technical assistance and support in the advancement of Canada’s nuclear non-proliferation priorities, including in the development and implementation of related agreements, programs and initiatives and improving the interoperability of systems and personnel within the radiological/nuclear communities;
  • Providing technical assistance and training to Canadian officials and international organizations in support of efforts to combat illicit (illegal) nuclear activities; and
  • Developing design features and establishing guidelines to protect nuclear power plants against terrorist attacks.

Nuclear Forensics

  • Identifying and increasing the understanding of radiological identifiers to contribute to national and international countermeasures in the event of terrorist acts or nuclear accidents; and
  • Developing capabilities to uniquely identify the origin of nuclear materials through forensic investigation and improved detection methods of undeclared material.

Cyber Security

  • Research in key areas of the CSA N290.7 standard for cyber security for nuclear power plants and small reactor facilities
  • Advance the implementation and application of the CSA N290.7 standard to small reactor facilities and non-reactor nuclear facilities;
  • Investigate methodologies and technologies for monitoring, detecting and mitigating cyber-intrusion and cyber-physical security events in complex real-time systems and associated communications networks; and
  • Establishing a cyber security test facility to support research and development and cyber security testing and evaluation.