Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

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Commercial Science and Technology

As part of its mandate as set out by the Government of Canada, AECL leverages the assets and capabilities at the Chalk River Laboratories in support of industry. This work is done on a commercial basis, meaning that there are no costs to the government.

CNL undertakes commercial science and technology activities in the areas of energy, health, safety & security, and the environment. The objective is to take advantage of the facilities and expertise at the Chalk River Laboratories to support industry, government clients and international organizations, to sustain a strong, vibrant and impactful science mission.

By using our assets and CNL’s capabilities on a commercial basis, we can serve industry, build expertise and continue to attract scientists. This helps us make the Chalk River Laboratories a world-class nuclear science and technology campus.

Work in this area includes:

  • Support for industry, particularly utilities and reactor vendors;  
  • Support for government clients; and
  • Support to international agencies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

For more information on these initiatives, please visit CNL’s website.