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GoCo Contract Renewal

AECL is entering into a competitive procurement process to continue the management and operation of CNL beyond the current contract, which expires in September 2025.

AECL delivers its mandate through a Government-owned, Contractor-operated (GoCo) model, whereby a private-sector organization, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), is responsible for managing and operating AECL’s sites.

Under the GoCo model, AECL owns the sites, facilities, assets, intellectual property and responsibility for environmental remediation and radioactive waste management. CNL is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the sites.

CNL has been managed since September of 2015 by Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA), a consortium made up of three partner companies – SNC-Lavalin, Jacobs Engineering and Fluor Federal Services – under a contract that will expire in September of 2025.

AECL is entering into a competitive process to continue the management and operation of CNL beyond that date.

The objective of the procurement is to enter into a contract that will reduce and/or contain costs and risks for Canadian taxpayers while leveraging CNL’s capabilities and resources for the benefit of Canadians.

More specifically, the selected Contractor will, amongst other things:

manage CNL safely and securely;
strengthen the role of CNL in addressing Canada and the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities;
use best practices and innovative approaches to enable cost savings or cost stabilization;
accelerate environmental remediation, decommissioning and waste management and significantly shrink AECL’s footprint;
generate new commercial opportunities and partnerships for the laboratories that grow revenues and align with AECL and Government objectives, primarily in the areas of clean energy and health;
manage, maintain and/or build the capabilities, resources and infrastructure (assets) required to satisfy AECL’s mandate;
solve complex technical, financial and regulatory issues;
in the spirt of reconciliation, build and maintain long-term relationships with Indigenous communities with the goal of achieving mutual learning and understanding, respect and healing as well as to support opportunities for economic benefit.

The Process

The procurement process will be conducted in one continuous process consisting of three separate and sequential stages. AECL reserves the right to change any or all of this process:

  1. The Request for Expression of Interest (“RFEOI”) in order to solicit input and feedback from interested parties on various elements of a potential competitive procurement process to manage and operate AECL’s Nuclear Laboratories under a GoCo model.
    1. The objective of the RFEOI is to solicit input via capability statements from interested parties with the specialized experience and capabilities necessary to meet all the major elements of scope required to manage and operate CNL.
    2. The RFEOI is not a bid solicitation and will not result in the award of any contract.
  2. The Request for Response Evaluation (“RFRE”) stage, in which interested parties submit a Response that will be evaluated to confirm that mandatory technical criteria, financial capability requirements, national security requirements, and certifications are met. The RFRE stage also includes detailed consultations with respondents that have met the pre-qualification requirements of the RFRE (“Qualified Respondents”). The detailed requirements and terms of the draft Request for Proposal (“RFP”) and form of contract will be made available during the detailed consultations during the RFRE stage for feedback from Qualified Respondents. At the end of the RFRE stage, Qualified Respondents will have been provided with a final RFP.
  3. The final RFP stage, or bid solicitation process, is when bids will be solicited from Qualified Respondents. Only Qualified Respondents from the RFRE stage will be eligible to submit bids in the RFP stage. In the final RFP stage, bids will typically be evaluated against mandatory, and point rated criteria. Contract award is anticipated at the end of the final RFP stage.

Key Dates

  • September 26, 2022 Launch of the Request for Expression of Interest
  • October 26, 2022 Closing date for submitting responses to the Request for Expression of Interest
  • Fall 2022/ Winter 2023 Information received through the Request for Expression of Interest to be reviewed and analyzed
  • Winter/Spring 2023 Outreach to local communities, stakeholders and Indigenous communities (engagement activities will commence at that time and be ongoing for the duration of the procurement process)
Next steps and associated dates to be added.

How to Engage

Those interested to know more about the process, including businesses and companies interested in participating in the procurement process, stakeholders, members of the public and Indigenous communities should email: [email protected]