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Chalk River Revitalization

AECL is investing $1.3 billion over ten years to revitalize and modernize the Chalk River Laboratories site and transform it into a world-class, state of-the-art nuclear science and technology campus, starting in 2016.

This will enable AECL’s research and innovation mandate and serve the needs of the Government of Canada and other commercial customers.

Much progress has already been made:


  • A new tritium laboratory is designed to handle high-specific activity tritium, thereby enabling unique research activities.
  • The Hydrogen Isotopes Technology Laboratory offers application services and expertise in niche catalyst production and hydrogen and hydrogen isotope management to solve critical industrial challenges.
  • Major investments have also been made into infrastructure improvements for the campus, including new domestic water and natural gas service, and a modern sanitary sewage treatment facility.
  • The Minwamon Building, a new site entrance building completed in 2021 to facilitate shipping and receiving at the site, enhance security at the entrance and reduce the need for non-CNL staff to be on site.
  • A support/maintenance facility, completed in 2021, to consolidate maintenance resources and equipment into a single, centralized location at the Chalk River site. This includes the consolidation maintenance shops will allow CNL to achieve efficiencies and provide safer, more cost-effective support to the programs on site.

In Progress:

  • The Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre (ANMRC), which will house 23 laboratories, accommodate 160 employees and consolidate key capabilities from aging facilities scheduled for decommissioning at the site. (Estimated opening: 2028)
  • The Science Collaboration Centre, which will serve as the central planning and collaboration space for CNL’s science and technology programs and feature modern office space for approximately 450 employees. (Estimated opening: 2023)

Photo Caption:  Artistic impression of Chalk River Laboratories Campus Revitalization 

Several of these construction projects are being designed and built using a new generation of mass timber products. This material represents a sustainable construction approach and showcases AECL commitment to green construction and environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, as part of AECL’s Environmental Stewardship mandate, which is funded separately, CNL has demolished over 110 structures at the Chalk River site. This involves the removal of infrastructure that is no longer used, the sorting of materials and the safe disposal of the resulting waste.

Together, these activities are transforming the Chalk River Laboratories campus, enabling AECL and CNL to pursue nuclear and other innovations for decades to come.