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Gentilly-1 Power Reactor

Gentilly-1 is a shutdown prototype nuclear reactor owned by AECL and located in Bécancour, Quebec. The reactor operated from 1972 to 1977. The reactor was a prototype boiling light water power reactor built as a joint project between Hydro-Québec and AECL in order to advance reactor technologies.

Based on lessons learned from Gentilly-1, Gentilly-2 was built and operated as a power nuclear reactor for Hydro-Québec until 2012.

Gentilly-1 was briefly used to produce steam for the LaPrade heavy-water production facility until its shutdown in 1977. The reactor was subsequently defueled in 1984.

The Gentilly-1 reactor is currently in a ‘safe shutdown state’. This means that the reactor is not operating, fuel has been removed and the facility is being left in place to allow for radioactive decay. Maintenance activities continue to ensure that the buildings and support facilities are kept in good working order.

Gentilly-1 is operated by CNL on behalf of AECL. Current activities undertaken by CNL are focused on decommissioning, where appropriate, non-nuclear facilities. Full decommissioning plans for the reactors have not yet been determined. Any decommissioning activities will have to be approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Canada’s independent nuclear regulator.

The Gentilly-2 reactor is owned by Hydro-Québec.