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AECL Hosts a Workshop for the Federal Nuclear Science and Technology Work Plan

AECL Hosts a Workshop for the Federal Nuclear Science and Technology Work Plan

This fall, AECL hosted a workshop for the Federal Nuclear Science and Technology Work Plan in Ottawa. The objective was to disseminate the results of research and development activities conducted by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in the areas of health, safety and security, energy and the environment.

Over the span of five days, more than 400 participants came together to learn about recent science and technology advances, and to create new opportunities for collaboration and linkages across the sector. Participants represented a multitude of organizations, including federal departments and agencies, academia, global research institutions and industry.

“We are very encouraged by the strong participation and the many connections that were made across sectors, across regions and across disciplines. This will only increase the impact of the science that is done at the Chalk River Laboratories,” said Shannon Quinn, AECL’s Vice-President of Science, Technology and Commercial Oversight. “Indeed, nuclear science and technology is much broader than what people would expect. We have exciting projects that are advancing: the next generation of cancer treatments, the deployment of small modular reactors in Canada, and cyber security for critical infrastructure, just to name a few. Together, we are advancing science and innovation for the benefit of Canada and Canadians.”

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Appointment of Richard Sexton as President and CEO of AECL

On February 7, 2018, the Government appointed Richard Sexton as President and CEO of AECL for a term of two years. Richard has been leading AECL as President and CEO on an interim basis for the past year, and previous to that as the Acting Chief Transition Officer for almost a year.

Richard has over 32 years of experience in decommissioning and waste management gained through leadership roles on some of the largest and most complex decommissioning projects in the world, including Magnox and Sellafield in the United Kingdom, and Rocky Flats and the Connecticut Yankee site in the United States. Most recently, Richard served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Magnox Reactor Accelerated Sites, where he was responsible for directing transformational change in decommissioning project strategy, delivery approach, cost, and schedule. Richard also has extensive experience in managing multiple stakeholder relationships.

As President and CEO of AECL, Richard will continue to lead the organization in its oversight role, seeing that the priorities of Government are delivered safely and efficiently under the GoCo model.

Richard holds an M.S. in Radiological Health Engineering from Northwestern University, a B.S. in Chemistry and American Board of Health Physics Certification, Part I. He has published and presented multiple papers on decommissioning and holds two patents for radiation detection equipment.