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AECL and the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority renew collaboration agreement

AECL and the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority renew collaboration agreement

AECL and the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) have renewed their collaboration agreement to continue sharing best practices between the two organizations on environmental remediation, decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

The 5-year collaboration agreement was signed at the 45th Waste Management conference in Phoenix, Arizona last week by AECL President Richard Sexton and NDA Strategy Director Adrian Simper. Also in attendance was the NDA’s Chief Executive David Peattie.

The agreement will allow AECL and the NDA to continue to share technologies and experience in the management of radioactive waste and decommissioning to support both of the organizations’ aims to protect the environment.

The NDA is a non-departmental public body that aims to deliver safe, sustainable and publicly acceptable solutions to the challenge of nuclear clean-up and radioactive waste management in the UK. They are responsible for decommissioning and cleaning up the UK’s nuclear facilities and safely managing radioactive waste in the UK. For more information on the NDA visit their website.

Appointment of Alastair MacDonald as Vice-President, Decommissioning and Waste Management Oversight

AECL is pleased to announce the appointment of Alastair MacDonald as Vice-President, Decommissioning and Waste Management Oversight.

Alastair has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry and has worked at sites in the United States and United Kingdom. Most recently, he was responsible for a complex nuclear packaging and transport project at Dounreay, as part of his role with the United Kingdom’s Cavendish Nuclear Ltd.

As Vice President of Decommissioning and Waste Management Oversight, Alastair will provide leadership for AECL’s decommissioning and waste management responsibilities, including oversight of CNL’s activities in facilities decommissioning, waste management and land remediation.

Alastair will be assuming his new responsibilities with AECL in October 2018.

Chalk River Open House on August 12, 2017

Public invited to visit the Chalk River Laboratories on August 12, 2017

Chalk River, Ontario, CANADA, 2017 May 30 — Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) are throwing a party, and you’re invited! In celebration of the ongoing site revitalization, Canada’s 150th anniversary, the NRU’s 60th anniversary, and in recognition of all the great accomplishments being made by the people – past and present – who work at the laboratories, AECL and CNL are inviting the public to an “Open House” on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

“It has been five years since our last Open House, which saw over 2,000 people come through the gates of the Chalk River site. The Chalk River Laboratories campus is undergoing an exciting period of revitalization, made possible by a $1.2 billion investment in new facilities and infrastructure. This is a great time to come and see what CNL is up to,” explains Mark Lesinski, President and CEO of CNL.

The open house will feature demonstrations, tours of laboratories, heavy equipment displays, kids’ entertainment, a variety of food vendors, engaging presentations and lots more. Tours of the NRU and NPD reactor will also be offered. Space is limited on these tours, so early registration is encouraged.

In addition, to the new buildings and physical changes, CNL has recently introduced an exciting new direction for the organization’s science and technology program with a focus on seven strategic initiatives including the siting of a small modular reactor, and a breakthrough technology in the health care sector. This event will also provide a chance for visitors to learn more about the work in decommissioning and waste management, including the proposed Near Surface Disposal Facility and the proposed in situ decommissioning of the NPD reactor.

“There have been important changes at AECL and CNL over the past few years. We landed on our feet and have an exciting vision for the future of the Chalk River Laboratories. It’s time to celebrate with our host and surrounding communities,” said Richard Sexton, President and CEO of AECL.

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